Awlan Falifat Orire, AWLA Kwara State Coordinator and Treasurer, Endorses Amanda Demechi-Asagba For The Position of the Third Vice President, NBA.

Distinguished Learned Silks, Erudite Learned Seniors and my Esteemed Learned Colleagues, please kindly support and Vote Amanda Demechi- Asagba For 3rd Vice President NBA. Amanda Asagba is a woman of character and integrity and an excellent team player. Her popular slang: “No excuse for failure- get the job done”

I have served with her in AWLA Nigeria as AWLA, Kwara State Coordinator for 4 years and I’ve found her to be an excellent leader, very passionate, productive and impactive.

She’s a visionary leader and a goal getter. She leads by example, a servant leader per excellence. She made AWLA a household name- walking the talk. She is a workaholic and very result oriented.

A vote for Amanda Asagba is a Vote for Excellence!!! Awlan Falilat Orire- AWLA Kwara State COORDINATOR and Treasurer AWLA Nigeria

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