Adesina Adegbite (AA) is Imbued With Outstanding Capabilities And Uncommon Passions For Service, He’s The Best Man For The Office Of General Secretary – Olumide Fusika, SAN

Considering these dire times in the life of our nation vis-a-vis the position of the Nigerian Bar Association as a critical stakeholder in our national affairs, the importance of this round of elections into various national offices of the Association cannot be overstated. It is important, now more than ever, that we put round pegs in round holes by selecting formidable characters that can build a modern, active and verile Bar that can stand true to its cardinal calling as the conscience of the nation.

It is in view of this that I endorse Adesina Adegbite, popoularly known as AA, as the Candidate for the office of the office of the National General Secretary which is the heart of the Nigerian Bar Association.

I have known Adegbite for close to two decades and I can confidently attest to his outstanding capabilities and the uncommon passion he brings to service.

With Adegbite in the saddle as the General Secretary, I am confident that the Nigerian Bar Association will live up to its billing in the coming two years.

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