Amanda Demechi-Asagba Speech for the position of the 3rd Vice President, NBA

A Good Team Player, Responsible, Trust Worthy and Result Oriented – like the biblical Esther I would give the President unflinching support.
I will represent the President when and where ever called upon and take on delegated and constitutionally assigned duties and responsibilities.

I will visit the branches under my Region and have a good rapport with the Executives and Members.

I will ensure creation of new Branches to bring justice closer to the Grassroots.

I will create projects that will bring the Branches under my Region to a world class :
Equipping the Secretariat, library and creating legal hubs for Lawyers in the Branches under my supervision.

Ensuring the dignity and Integrity of the Bar with good rapport between the Bar and the Bench and between the Bar and the Security Agencies

Ensure a warm, cordial and respectful relationship between elders of the Bar, Seniors and the Young Lawyers.

Creation of jobs for lawyers and protecting Lawyers jobs and fees

Creation of Estate for Lawyers within my Region and establishment of cooperative society

Exchange programs for lawyers and lawyers retreats

Award nite and Elders Appreciation

For these and more in the offing


Mandy is the Deal!

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