Dr Ajibade opens Covid-19 Center to inform lawyers

Dr Babatunde Ajibade has opened a Covid -19 center via a link to properly update lawyers with authentic information on Covid-19.

This is indeed a welcome development as people all over the world have found themselves at the center of fake news on covid-19.
The link will monitor information from World Health Organisation (WHO),Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC) etc

He wrote:

Dear Colleagues,

My last email to you was on the 1st day of January, 2020. It was a call for us to unite in saving our profession. Today, we are faced with a far greater challenge – saving our lives.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is at our doorstep. Various levels and arms of government are taking steps to stop the spread of the deadly virus. Various businesses and plans have been put on hold. We are all faced with a new reality. A reality in which social-distancing, isolation and quarantine are now buzz words.

In the midst of all these, we are fed with different forms of information, some true and others not. We can already see negative effects of misinformation with some persons reporting to the hospitals over poisoning.

I hold the view that we all need to have a place to source for authentic information on the virus. To this end, I have dedicated a page on my website to providing links to verified information from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) on Coronavirus. This way, we can help reduce the spread of fake news.

The link is provided below.

I am not a medical practitioner so I cannot claim to give you medical advice. What I can do, as a colleague, is to help ensure that we all have access to the right information from credible sources.

I believe that if we all play our own small parts, the virus will be defeated soon.

Let’s do better.

Dr. Babatunde Ajibade, SAN, FCIArb

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