Husband catches lawyer wife having an affair with a Senior colleague- Goes on internet

A jilted husband has taken to the internet in search of legal advice after catching what he claims is his junior barrister wife having an affair with a QC at work.

The appeal for guidance has generated almost 400 upvotes and 60 comments since it appeared earlier this week on the message boards of popular social media site Reddit.

“I caught my wife having an affair with a work colleague yesterday (a QC barrister) and I have ended our relationship,” the husband writes. “I am now looking for a divorce.”

The unnamed man goes on to explain that although his wife “specialises in other areas of law”, she does have “experience in divorces” and has helpfully suggested they part ways on the grounds of “unreasonable behaviour” as opposed to “adultery”.

He continues: “Whilst she didn’t go into details she said filing for divorce on ‘adultery’ grounds wouldn’t be good for either of us. We have no children or pets and the only asset we have is our house which still has three years left on the fixed term mortgage.”

The husband goes on to claim that his wife’s QC lover has helped her secure a “much more senior position at another firm”, and even plans to use her as his junior counsel on trials. “Not sure how ethically sound this is or if it constitutes an abuse of power,” he questions.

Rounding off his conundrum of the heart, the husband says he somewhat optimistically believes his wife “will be reasonable and honest throughout this process despite her infidelity” but “could use some advice right now”.

The responses flooded in. “Don’t listen to what she says,” one user replied. “Get your own lawyer and follow that advice.”

“Lawyer up,” another Reddit-goer stressed. “You caught her having an affair and now she’s offering legal advise [sic]? That’s only going to be in her interest. You must protect yourself.”

One commenter, appearing to agree with the advice the husband received from his wife, replied: “Unreasonable behaviour is likely to be easier for you both but even so, have your own representation.” Another user made the obvious (but probably sensible) point that the husband shouldn’t be taking “legal advise [sic] from the person you wish to sue/divorce”.

The husband soon responded to the outpouring of guidance, popping below the line to write: “I’ll look into getting a solicitor.”
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