Why you need to wash your fruit and vegetables with SOAP:

A virologist has confirmed that ‘every surface is a hazard’ when it comes to COVID-19 and supermarket customers should be particularly mindful of the loose fruit and vegetables in the store.

Associate professor at the University of Sydney, Timothy Newsome, specialises in infection, vaccines and virology, so has been following along closely as the coronavirus restrictions heighten in Australia.

He told FEMAIL that while the virus can live on most surfaces, patrons doing their weekly grocery shop should be particularly wary of the fruit and veg aisle as customers are constantly picking up and placing back down items.

‘We have to remember that every surface is potentially contaminated. And like with any surface there is a risk,’ Mr Newsome explained.

‘We don’t see it as high risk because that comes from sustained contact with other people, but nonetheless it’s important to be mindful.’

While it would be ‘poor practice’ to be testing ‘every avocado for coronavirus’, Mr Newsome did say anything people can touch poses a potential problem.

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