Edo Lawyers’ Support Fund Group

Senior lawyers from Edo State are raising funds to assist our colleagues practicing in Edo State who are adversely affected by the effects of COVID-19 pandemic. Eligible lawyers:
0-7 years post call and other vulnerable lawyers. Payments shall be made directly to the Bank Accounts of beneficiaries.

Colleagues who will be paid salaries by their employers are not eligible.

Eligible colleagues should immediately contact their branch coordinator from the list below, forwarding their bank details, phone number, email, year of call, enrolment number and branch of practice in Edo State. The cordinators are:

Benin Branch – Ede Atsenuguan [08056070385] edeasenoguan@gmail.com

Auchi Branch – Ben Abiri [08034961348] benabiri56@gmail.com

Ekpoma Branch – Victor Idiakhoa [08055535583] victoridiakhoa@gmail.com

Igarra Branch – Sam Amune
*[08033724459] nobleheirs@yahoo.com

Uromi Branch – Pat Ayewoh
*[08073126529] patodiase45@gmail.com

Please note that the process is ongoing and the full names of the donors as well as the beneficiaries will be published at the end of the exercise.

Thank you.

Asamah Yusuf Kadiri

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