Throughout the history of mankind, different delusions, false assertions and fallacious impressions have been left on persons. People have always at one time or the other propagated and postulated theories ( some true and others false) about certain tragedies that have befallen mankind like natural disasters and epidemics. At every point in time, these popular theories have led to intense debate among social circles.

Recently, the outbreak of the novel Corona Virus has been held by some as a form of deception in which some villainous persons have used as a smokescreen to veil their wicked clandestine schemes. Either ways, the global pandemic has instilled fear in the hearts of people globally, especially considering the fatality records.

This write up therefore ,is aimed juxtaposing and weighing the popular theories put forward by different groups with regards to the cause of the virus.

Arguably the most accepted theory, the animal to human theory is a school of thought that believes and strongly assert that the ravaging virus was contracted from animals in Wuhan, China. They say the current apocalypsis facing the globe is caused by a virus contracted from animals- COVID-19.

Corona virus, which is upheld as the cause of this global pandemic is of the groups of RNA viruses that cause a variety of diseases in humans and other animals.

COVID-19 is a mild to severe respiratory illness that is caused by a Corona Virus which is transmitted chiefly by contact with infectious materials (such as respiratory droplets) and is characterized especially by fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, sneezing, aches and pains, runny nose, sore throat, diarrhoea, breathing difficulties.

It may progress to pneumonia, multiple organ failure and even death.

The time between infection and the onset of symptoms range from one to fourteen days. The virus was identified by the Chinese authorities on January 7th, 2020, which confirmed that it was transmitted from animals to humans. Human to human transmission has also been confirmed. It started in a place called Wuhan China on December 7th, 2019.

COVID- 19 has resulted in a total lockdown of first world countries and even developing nations due to its deadlines and contagiousness. The virus has grossly affected the economies of nations and drastic measures have been leaglized to abate the massive spread of the virus. For example, the lockdown of activities in Abuja, Lagos, and Ogun,Delta,Imo states in Nigeria.

This is a measure that has been employed in almost all affected countries as they say it enables the government contain further spread by restricting social contacts.

Countries around the globe are stepping up efforts to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic that has is reported to have killed more than 109, 392 persons globally ,while citizens who are still alive are living in fear, maintaining social distance and self Isolation which is seen by some as house incarceration or house arrest.

According to the second view, what the world is confronting is not a virus. It is the machinations of a group called ID2020, whose goal is to bring about a new world order; one world government, economy and religion, through the use of vaccination. According to the proponents of this theories, The ID2020 organised a project that is supposed to be launched in the year 2020, this year. This vaccine allegedly takes the form of a digital identity that will control the activities of man. The digital identity is a code given to a person that distinguishes one from any other person on earth. It is proposed to be implanted in a person’s skin which will make him trackable and enable the person to perform transactions like money transfer, and make calls directly with this skin. This vaccine (Digital Identity) will be produced by a high technology called “Internet of Things” which is to come into existence through an internet speed that is as high as 5G. The proposed 5G according to the theorists is already doing more damage to mankind than good. Another strand of argument from the 5-G theory is that the radiations from 5G technologies and installations are causing severe damage to plants and animals, and is responsible for the tragedy our world is facing today.

The alleged orchestrators of this digital identity and 5G referred to as ID2020, are supposedly supported by world leaders and men of great affluence to bring about the “New World Order”.

An order that wants to ensure a one world Economy, Religion and Government. Their plans for the economy according to some, have been partially unveiled through the introduction of the new new pound note (£20) which has the symbol of coronavirus and 5G beacon. Other sources report that the cell tower is the Margate Lighthouse, while the symbol that apparently depicts the coronavirus protein is actually based on the staircase at the Tate Britain Art Gallery, that the new £20 note is in honour of English Artist JMW Turner whose photo is depicted on the note. And for the New world religion, pope Francis met with Buddhist’s supreme Patriarch in Thailand on Thursday, November 21st, 2019 in a gilded Bangkok temple on the first full day of his Asia tour aimed at harmony.

Many believe that it is part of the conspiracy theory and a manifestation of the goal of ID2020 to ensure the new world religion. Some sources also assert that the introduction of the Biometric Verification Number (BVN) in the beginning of the last decade by the Nigerian government under Goodluck Jonathan, for the operation of bank accounts in the country, is a sign of the emergence of a New World Order. Recently, the former president, mentioned it when he was sharing his views of how best Africa can deal with the global epidemic. He said in his statement: “If Nigeria does not save herself on this season of global emergency and take decisive action, we may may not be the giant of Africa again when the NEW WORLD ORDER emerges”.

In the light of these allegations and counter allegations, one is forced to ask, “What is the world really dealing with? A deadly virus or a very high technology?” Most persons are convinced that it is a virus. Some, especially religious people believes that it is 5G. They assert it to be the mark of the beast which they believe is the resultant of the New World Order. Other persons chose to be on the fence because they do not really know the truth.

version of the views, painstakingly evaluated above is true, all humanity need now is for all hands to be on deck, discarding theories and sentiments to save the world from crumbling before our own very eyes. It’s our planet and we will all suffer one way or the other if it persists.

Esther Osaivbe Osawaru, is a Student of the Faculty of Law ,University of Benin and a Research Assistant at Douglas Ogbankwa Law Firm, a Benin Based Law Firm

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