You will Die one day! A Poem from Douglas Ogbankwa Esq

When you a mere mortal play god,
steal and kill in the name of man and God,
When in dealings with others you show no mercy,
which brings pains and strains to persons, remember,
you will die one day!

When you loot and decrepit the public Coffers ,
I tell you one day what you steal you will cough out ,
Either in life or in death ,
You shall be consigned to the hall of shame here on earth,
Even when you live an ostentious life of unreasonable splendour ,
that leaves others in penury and squalor,
And you ,with reckless abandon flaunt your ill-gotten wealth,
You have piffered from the Commonwealth,

remember, you will die one day!

When you snitch and lie for illicit gain,
and through this bring people perfidious pain,
When you lie and cheat to be in power,
and act as if you will live forever,
remember, you will die one day!

When you tell people that the kingdom of God is not on Earth,
and you ,yourself is establishing a kingdom for yourself on earth ,
All with people’s sweat ,
When your sermon is centred on “Can a Man Rob God ?”
When indeed you are the one that robs God ,
When you preach ,
And at the same time cheat ,
remember, you will die one day!

When you spill blood for power and wealth at night and in the morning,
and leave people in a state of mourning,
When you betray friends and family for money ,
And leave people with vinegar when then you have honey ,
When you sleep with other people’s wife ,
And you feel like you are having a good life ,
remember, you will die one day!

When you acquire all the houses and cars in the world ,
I have for you just a few words ,
When you die and go yonder ,.
You will still be buried without all these just six feet under.

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