Productive Use of the Internet- Douglas Ogbankwa, Esq.

The internet is an endless resource of possibilities .Knowing how to use it makes your life incredibly easy .You can do the unthinkable on the Internet.Here are amazing ways that that the Internet can touch your lives .

1.You can get Information online real time that will asssist your job in any profession.But ,be sure the source is credible not to be fed with information from quacks .

2.You do not need to call any one to give you an information except it is local! You can get any information you want , including facts on current affairs and facts on schools subjects and courses just by typing the information on major search engines like google and

  1. You can learn any language in the world, by using google !In fact, google translate can teach you the major International Languages in the World.
  2. Before you invest in any International Business Network ,google it ,to know its antecedents ,it will help you, to take an informed decision !

5.Before you enter into a serious relationship with some one ,check his or her on line profile ,it will give information that will assist you !

  1. If you rendered a particular service or sell any products ,project them through your social media channels ,it will greatly boost your patronage !

7.You can use to set up a blog for free and put stories on it ! You can be paid based on user traffic on your blog and adverts !

8.You can prepare for practically any examination,using the online platforms! There is hardly any examination ,that does not have an App. on Playstore ,including UTME,ICAN,Bar Final ,CITN,NIPR ,ICSAN,TOEFL,SAT ,etc!

9.You can learn basic skills on the Internet !You can learn how to do make up ,Event Planning, Event Management ,Catering Services and More online .
10.With Google Map ,you do not need to be asking strangers on the street for descriptions ,it will give you directions with the name of the street indicated and even voice prompts to take you to your destination .Google Map even tells you places ,where you have hold ups ,so you can take alternative routes .

11 . You can check online for your childhood friends ,you have lost contact with by using search engines and social media channels to search for them ,or any person for that Matter.

12.Instead of snapping pictures ,snap your products and what you do and put on your social media platforms .Internet advertising is the cheapest and most effective for small scale businesses .You will get amazing patronages.The Internet is not just for social networking,but also for business networking. Infact ,use your social network to build your business. This is called Social Capital,but this is where your reputation comes into play,because people will ask questions,before paying money into your Account.

13.You can start a business with just your android phone and data,with out any capital !
I had a former student in Lagos ,who started her business by googling samples of products of the busines ,she advertised same with her contacts on your facebook and ig page .People booked and paid into.her account. She bought the products in bulk from the money of those who booked ,sent them their products and her profits became her start up capital from where she registered a business is she is even now making supplies abroad and into big business with companies.When ever there is a will,there is way ,but you have to possess a good reputation to thrive this way .

14.You can get on line ,any phone contacts or emails to contact anybody anywhere in the world (including very prominent persons ) , or some one close to them.
Just google it ,you will be shocked .

15.You can get a template of any write up ,document,design or architectural master piece you require online ,just google it.

16.You can get travel information ,consular requirements in any way you want and even make visa applications yourself online ,with out going through travel agents .You can also find more about any where you travel to or want to travel to ,in order to get local knowledge that will be helpful to keep you away from trouble and proffer business opportunities.

17.You can get jobs online .Not just jobs in your locality ,but other parts of the country or even international jobs;there are job engines like naiijajobs,jobberman ,philip consulting ,acenture , .One of my friends once got a United Nations Job Online ,with out knowing anybody there which made him go for interviews in two Cities in the United States,before being posted to Lagos as a Procurement Officer. Just google it.

Three are things to keep in mind in this IT Age :i.Do you know Google ?;ii.Does Google know you ?;
iii.What does Google know about you ?


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