NBA Asaba Branch Endorses Akorede Habeeb Lawal As Sole Candidate For the Office of National Publicity Secretary

The NBA Asaba Branch at its Monthly General Meeting held on 28/5/2020 endorsed and adopted AKOREDE HABEEB LAWAL ESQ as its SOLE Candidate for the position of National Publicity Secretary in the forthcoming NBA National Elections.

This is a testament to the dedication and excellence that has been the hallmark of Habeeb Lawal’s tenure as the National Assistant Publicity Secretary of the NBA and the Asaba branch’s unwavering belief in and support for the PositivePublicPerception 2.0

We are mindful of the great responsibility that comes with this endorsement and its implications for the image of the Asaba Bar. We promise that the trust and belief in Habeeb Lawal’s ability to take up the Top Job of National Publicity Secretary will be repaid with continued excellence.

We thank the Leadership, Elders and Members of the NBA Asaba Branch for this vote of confidence.

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