Anne Uruegi Agi Sends Out Heartwarming Message To All Fathers On Father’s Day

Yaaaaay! Its Father’s day.
Dear fathers, lots of times we grumble and complain and sulk and throw tantrums because we expect so much from you: the wife, the kids, the bros, the sisters, nieces and nephews and extended family, we all want a piece of you, yet you never break, you stand tall, you provide emotionally and financially not letting us know the strain you are under. How you do it, I dont know!
You have no time to cry or wail. Always on the go…for us! Then there are the single fathers and single mothers raising kids all by their lonesome selves, being both mother and father!
So today I pull out the drums as a daughter, sister, niece, grandchild, wife, girlfriend, fiancee and I celebrate you for the love and sacrifice you show to father and mother, to wife and children, to cousins and nieces and to friends.

You are real kings, the hunks, the authentic liquid metals, the lion, the fight, the war, yet the love!

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.❤❤❤????????????????????

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