“Father’s Are The Nucleus of Every Family”- Okey Ohagba


To my dearest dad, my brothers, friends and learned Colleagues who are fathers and/or prospective fathers, today I join the world to honour and celebrate your resourceful existence, unsung influence and doggedness at maintaining and sustaining a successful family.

An involved and responsible fatherhood contributes greatly to a child’s wellbeing; from cognitive development and educational achievement to self-esteem and pro-social behavior. I urge you to continue being an involved and responsible father in the art of parenting. You are the nucleus of your respective families.

Even as many of us are separated from our fathers, due to lockdowns necessitated by the global pandemic, let us celebrate them today and pray for their protection and that of our families from the ravaging virus. And as we celebrate, let us remind ourselves too, the very essence of fatherhood and strive to maintaining a responsible family and a peaceful society.


Okey Leo Ohagba
Past NBA 1st Assistant General Secretary.

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