Lawyers hail Dr Ajibade’s unequivocal response to Awomolo’s Statement

As the Statement credited to Adegboyega Awomolo SAN continues to unsettle the Legal community in Nigeria, many Lawyers have commended Dr Babatunde Ajibade on his response disagreeing with his brother silk.
A statement purportedly made by Adegboyega Awomolo SAN calling on Senior Advocates of Nigeria to close ranks to ensure that SANs hold the position of the Presidency of the NBA has generated tensed debate among lawyers.
Responses on social media show that many lawyers believe that the statement was deliberately issued as reverse campaign. There is nothing to prove that yet though the view expressed by the learned silk received wide condemnation especially from Ajibade’s supporters who have resolved to continue supporting him.

Many others have commended Dr Babtunde Ajibade on the statement he issued which according to them was clear and unambiguous.

In recent weeks,Dr Ajibade’s popularity has been on the increase as lawyers across the country started closing ranks in his favour.
Dr Ajibade,a senior Advocate of Nigeria himself is perceived to be the most humble of all the aspirants. This factor has counted for him as more lawyers clamour to get more attention from the NBA leadership.

His statement which was timely ,clear,unambigous will have a place in NBA history for a long time for two reasons according to AB Nasir- Ibrahim
First,it shot down spontaneously the effect the statement would have had in the minds of lawyers and secondly cleared the air that not all SANs see the Presidency as a birth right.

Pundits have ticked Dr Ajibade as a probable winner of the election.

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