Understanding Dr Babatunde Ajibade’s “Uniting the Bar” Mantra (Part 1)

Many within the Profession have felt aggrieved over the years — young lawyers, LOAN members, lawyers in public service, the physically challenged, some private practitioners, some non-SANs, etc. You see, when people are in pains, cooperation becomes difficult to axtract from them. It’s a fact of life. And when there is no cooperation, progress is too slow. How then, does Dr. Ajibade plan to go about this “Uniting For Progress (UFP)?”

He believes that the first step towards uniting is to fish out major grievances of the various segments within the profession, and assuage same. As Jay Weatherill said, “You don’t unite by ignoring the questions that have to be faced and answered.”

We need to heal all wounds, so that every segment would feel obliged to joing hands to move this profession forward. Our hope and progress will begin only when we unite and act as one big family; when overcome our differences, and unite around our common values and destinies. United, we prosper.

We sure can do better with Dr Ajibade.

Yours faithfully,

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