NBA GS Elections: Chairman YLF Suleja Branch & Provost Arewa YLF Endorses Okey Ohagba, Describes Him As A Man With True Passion For Quality And Impactful Leadership

As the NBA General Elections 2020 draw closer, it is pertinent that as lawyers, we must reevaluate and appraise the various candidates, vis-a-vis their plans for the Bar. Leadership of the Bar is a serious business and must be handed to serious and committed minds, who are well prepared and passionate about bringing positive change.

For the office of NBA General Secretary, one candidate the Bar must endeavour to have elected is Mr. Okey Leo Ohagba. This young man, judging by his antecedents and the wonderful manifesto he has put forward, would be a great asset to the Bar. I have known Mr. Ohagba as a man with true passion for quality and impactful leadership. He leaves imprints of excellence anywhere he serves. He stands out as a tested and trusted hand, having served as the immediate Past 1st Assistant General Secretary of the Bar where he pioneered electronic mailing of minutes and NEC bundles prior to meetings. No doubt he would do greater exploits in a higher capacity as the General Secretary.

The NBA-YLF gained prominence the period Okey Ohagba held sway as the National Secretary between 2012 and 2014. He reinvigorated the YLF Secretariat, built a comprehensive database and maintained a functional YLF website amongst other achievements. Thereafter he has held high and delicate positions in the NBA both at branch and national levels, including as NBA Representative on the board of CAC. He has been adequately groomed and well prepared for the position of NBA General Secretary. His plans of remodeling the NBA Secretariat to IBA standard and the introduction of NBA e-stamp and other e-innovations are not mere campaign promises; I’m certain the Secretariat is going to witness a revolution in innovative excellence with Ohagba at the helm.

Truth is, amongst the candidates for General Secretary of the NBA, he is the most qualified in view of the reasons I have advanced and for the fuller reasons postulated in his favour by many revered members of the bar. Again, having worn the shoe of the young lawyers, I believe he understands better where it hurts most and what to do to ameliorate our plight from the Secretariat. I therefore, strongly recommend him and urge all lawyers to vote him in for NBA General Secretary. He is simply the man the cap fits.

Abdulsalam Hussaini, Esq. Chairman, YLF Suleja Branch and Provost Arewa Young Lawyers Forum.

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