Anne Agi Writes To Colleagues. Recommends The NBA Policy HandBook, Encourages Interest In Space Law And Policy

Greetings dear colleagues??

We are heading for yet another AGC with several educative sessions.

However, before we are served with more info, can we reflect on the gains of the last 2019 conference?

Visit, access the NBA Policy handbook prepared by the Conference rapporteurs and download same which contains summaries and recommendations of all the sessions. It’s an amazing resource!

On pages 194-197 of the policy handbook, the 2019 Conference recognised the challenges of space technology development in Nigeria to include: insufficient Funding for the sector, an unconducive Business Environment, lack of understanding of the Space Business, non domestication of Treaty Agreements and the difficulty in enforcing the provisions of the NARSDA Act.

The recommendations are amazing!

a. More funding by Government of NASRDA for it to effectively execute its mandate.

b. The creation of special interest groups within the NBA to encourage lawyers to get more involved in space laws in Nigeria. (JOIN ME GUYS)!!!

c. Promotion of enlightenment programmes on space technology, provision of incentives for investors in research and development projects that relate to space technology.

d. The domestication of all the ratified space treaties, and effective enforcement of the NASRDA Act 2010.

e. Infrastructural Development which will attract potential investors in space technology to the Nigerian industry. An exciting recommendation is the call for Nigeria to invest in SPACEPORTS to generate additional revenue for the nation. WAOH!!!

For each topic discussed, the suggested action steps and stake holders who bear responsibility for them are listed out clearly.

FOR THE NBA, we must:

 Advocate for knowledgeable lawyers with space technology expertise to champion formulation of the right policy.

Create special interest groups within the NBA to increase members’ interest in space laws.

Advocate for the domestication of all ratified treaties on space activities.

I ENCOURAGE you all dear colleagues, in line with the suggested action steps agreed at the last NBA ACG 2019, JOIN ME! GET INTERESTED IN SPACE LAW AND POLICY! I AM EVER READY TO HELP! THE MORE THE MERRIER!

Colleagues who partook of the last training I recommended by the INTL ACADEMY OF SPACE LAW (IASL) have all received their certificates! Don’t be left out!

My name is AGI ANNE URUEGI and I present myself to serve as National ASSISTANT SECRETARY.


Thank you.

Agi Anne Uruegi, LL.M, FCPAN

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