PCN Declares War on Fake Pharmacists in Nigeria

The Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) on Wednesday said there is no hiding place anymore for fake pharmacists in the profession, as it is working with the Nigerian Police Force and other law enforcement agents to ensure that they face the full wrath of the law.
It further said that erring pharmacists will also be made to face the full extent of extant laws governing the practice of Pharmacy in the country, as the practice of pharmacy concerns life and death.
The Chairman of the PCN, Prof. Ahmed Mora, made this known in Abuja during the inaugural meeting of the Investigating Panel of PCN.
Those inaugurated to the Investigating Panel were – Pharm. Yakubu Akawu, Pharm. Umar Garba Gumau, Pharm. Edith Egbuonu, Prof. Moses Akanmu. Others were Prof. Garba Uthman Sadiq, Pharm. Ifraimu Irimiya Kifasi, FPSN, and Pharm. Williams Etubiebi.
In his address, Prof. Mora said, “The Investigating Panel, as the name indicates will investigate those erring members of the profession, clear them before presenting to the Disciplinary Tribunal.
“In all organizations, especially those of professional nature such as the PCN, there are bound to be deviants among the members whose actions and/or activities may not be consonant with the core objectives behind the setting up of the organization.
“Members of the pharmacy profession licensed by the PCN and who had been inducted to serve mankind must be seen to act above board and conform to the ethics of the profession and the Code of Conduct expected of every registered and licenced pharmacist.
“The Investigating Panel is therefore a very important panel whose activities will go a long way in cleansing the practice of the pharmacy professionals and make delivery of pharmaceutical services to the citizenry safe.
“Every pharmacist registered and licenced by the PCN is expected to exhibit the above elements fully. While expecting these attributes from our pharmacists, the Panel must distinguish registered and licenced pharmacists by the PCN from fake pharmacists, for which the Panel need not waste its time as those are for the Nigerian Police Force to handle.”
Also, the Chairman of the PCN urged stakeholders in the pharmaceutical sector to adhere to the ethical dictates of the profession in all their activities.
He said doing so would ensure effective pharmaceutical regulation and quality service delivery to the populace.
Prof Mora made the call during the visit of the Association of Pharmaceutical Products Marketers Association of Nigeria (APPMAN) and the Nigerian Association of Foreign Trained Pharmacists (NAFTraph).
He enjoined the Association of Pharmaceutical Products Marketers Association of Nigeria (APPMAN) to ensure that they buy products from organisations that are registered and licensed by the council and also distribute to retailers and hospital pharmacies that are registered and licensed by the council.

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