Eastern Bar Forum Congratulates Elected Officials

The Eastern Bar Forum hereby congratulates Olumide Akpata, the NBA President elect and other elected candidates in the just concluded NBA 2020 National Elections.

In a statement issued by the Chairman, S. Long Williams Esq. the Forum commended the Electoral Committee, Nigerian Bar Association for successfully managing the elections to its logical conclusion . The statement further stated that despite some lapses noticed in course of the conduct of the elections, it however commended the electoral body for conducting an election that can relatively be described as free, fair and credible. He stated that no election is 100% perfect, that improvements are expected as the Bar progresses on the electronic voting platform.

He stated that this is the first time that the result of an election was being followed, monitored and observed live by all the candidates and stakeholders. Describing this as novel and commendable.

The statement commended highly all the candidates in the elections for managing their campaigns in the best practices of the Bar. For those who lost in the elections, the Forum commended their good fighting spirit and urged them to put the loss behind and join the new leadership to make the Bar work for all.

The Forum also enjoin and encourage all lawyers to give maximum and positive support to the new administration.

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