Naming Names: See Those Who Will Live In Regrets If (God forbid!) The NBA is Ultimately Destroyed or Balkanized?

T.F. Hodge said, “What surrounds us is what is within us.” It is obvious that some disenchanted NBA members are out to destroy the NBA , and it’s all about the failure of NBA’s electoral process, which has refused to get better. Should they have their way? If they succeed, God forbid, what will be the implications on the NBA and its members? Anyway, the balkanization or destruction might not come as easily or as quickly as its promoters want it. But there’s yet another angle to it, which is what I am here to address, BRIEFLY: if the NBA is destroyed or balkanized, we all would be the worse for it; we all will regret it— both the “destroyers” and the “destroyees.” Because, then, none (not even the now disenchanted Seniors, Silks, Benchers who have made themselves willing parties for these shameful desecration and disorganization of the NBA) would feel so proud any longer to be called a lawyer, not to talk of a SAN, a Bencher, etc.

The snail entered the burning fire. People advised it to leave the fire in order to escape eventual self-destruction. The snail laughed, beat its chest and boasted, ”The water in me is quenching the fire , as you can see!” It didn’t take long before reality dawned on the snail; the liquid in the snail’s shell soon dried up, and the snail then came to the sudden realization that it (the snail) was actually self-destroying and killing itself, and not punishing or quenching any/the “fire,” as he had falsely thought. But, by this time, it was already too late in the day; the snail had to pay the supreme (some say, ultimate) price for its foolishness, thoughtlessness and refusal to listen to wise counsel.

In the same manner, quote me please (do not off the mic), all NBA members who contribute one way or another to destroying the NBA will live to regret it— and those culpable as a charged include: (a) those who perpetuate brazen impunity and illegality within NBA affairs, refusing to comply with NBA’s own Constitution; (b) those who in reaction to this impunity have become saboteurs and willing enemies against their own association and profession (so sad); (c) those who cheer up the second group and those who support and condone the first group; and; (d). all those who do nothing now or say nothing to corect the ills of the NBA or to ward off these vicious assaults against the NBA.

Take my word for it: we’d all are both convicts and casualties; NBA belongs to us all, so we all will rise and fall with it, together! Like I said earlier, we all are inseparably bound with the NBA so that the destruction of the NBA is synonymous with destruction and debasement of our cherished profession, and the devaluation of our self worth as lawyers. So, you, the destroyer, while you work hard happily against your own profession or professional association, don’t think you’d be spared in the end; we all will sink with the NBA! But, is this what you really want? Really?
Sylvester Udemezue

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