Infringement of The Legal Practitioners’ Act by A Property Firm Called Fullness Office

Dear Colleagues,

Despite the efforts of the Nigerian Bar Association to rid the legal profession of quacks and encroachment, certain individuals and bodies keep reinventing several strategies to offer their quackery to unsuspecting members of the public.

Recently, the attention of the Nigerian Bar Association and its Section on Legal Practice were drawn to the existence of a group known as the Fullness Office or Fullness Group with its organization’s website as

The said Fullness group purports to offer a wide range of services including legal services and advice to the public, in utter breach of the extant laws regulating the legal profession and practice of law in Nigeria.

The company’s website clearly states thus: “we are dedicated to serving the legal needs of all our clients. We provide the depth and breadth of expertise necessary enough to solve all complex legal issues that may arise for our clients. Our specialization includes but not limited to Real Estate (facility management, property management and constructions)…”

The said Fullness Office – a Property Company, referenced a law firm as its subsidiary with lawyer colleagues (Olufemi David Alapa Esq. and Olufemi Jessica Nneka (Mrs), as part of the company and the purported “subsidiary law firm”. Section 2(1) of the Legal Practitioners Act (LPA) LFN 2004, Rules 3, 4 and 8 of the Rules of Professional Conduct 2007 were grossly contravened.

The leadership of the NBA Section on Legal Practice on the 8th day of September 2020 was constrained to write a Cease and Desist Notice to the management of the said Fullness Office, pointing out the various acts of infringement of the Legal Practitioners’ Act by the firm. The Section on Legal Practice in its Notice issued a warning to the Property Company, directing them to bring down the offending pages from their website and to withdraw any notice on any other online platform, offering legal services to the public. Unfortunately, the offending webpages are yet to be taken down.

The NBA reiterates that it will keep taking every step in ensuring that the Legal Profession is not brought to disrepute.

Find attached the NBA SLP letter to Fullness Office.

Dr. Rapulu Nduka
Publicity Secretary, Nigerian Bar Association

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