Hurray, its the President’s Birthday and EBF Celebrates

Today marks the birthday of a fine, humble, amiable, bold and loving gentleman. A passionate believer in the spirit, tenets and ideals of the Nigerian Bar Association. One time Chairman of NBA Section on Business Law. A senior partner in Templars, one of the leading law firms in Nigeria. Recently overwhelming elected as the 30th President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Mr. Olumide Akpata.

Mr. President on behalf of the entire membership of the Eastern Bar Forum, I wish you a happy birthday. May your lines fall in pleasant places. May the great countenance of Almighty Jehovah shine on you as you age in peace, in prosperity and in divine health. May the Lord bless you with wisdom to live right and steer the ship of the Nigerian Bar Association in a right part to its desired destination. May your tenure as the 30th President of the Nigerian Bar Association mark a positive, laudable and remarkable turnaround in the annals of the Association.

Happy birthday Mr. President. Do have a wonderful day.
God bless you.

S. Long Williams Esq.
Governor, EBF.

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