The Lekki Massacre- Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

Armless citizens at the tolls ,
Trying to keep the Rulers on their toes ,
Covering the events on their phones ,
But the Rulers are only concerned about the Polls .

Celebraties were there with their fans ,
They hand no guns to bare their fangs ,
They had just the Nigerian Flag ,
Setting up laudable plans ,
For the best of country and town ,
But the Rulers rolled the tanks .

The aftermath are bloodied body parts ,
And the pronounced body bags ,
Viable youths cut short in their twilight,
Many lost in the sea nearby ,
They just wanted a bright future,
But they had their own future cut short ,
We are nonplussed,
By our Rulers that are to us a CURSE

They put off the light and the cameras ,
Not knowing we had on our phones our cameras ,
While they carried out their callous massacre ,
We had it captured on our devices that are digital.

They lied nobody died ,
At that point the Rulers’ names died ,
And the Rulers will be haunted by their blood and their souls ,
And we will also meet them at the Polls !

Their Children take all the best spaces ,
They travel to the best places ,
We only ask for our own spaces ,
But they choose kill us in open spaces .

How many can they kill ?
Many of us have died while living ,
We have our lives torn in pieces ,
By their mindless stealings,
They ask us to pray ,
While on us they prey,
A wasted generation,
That have turned us to a wailing generation,
We say no to their lies ,
That make our people die ,
Enough is enough ,
Our lives have been rough ,
The days ahead will be tough,
But I tell you we will surely triump!

This poem is dedicated to all the HEROES who died in the Lekki Massacre of 20/10/2020 at the Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos , Nigeria.They died for us , not because they are poor , but because they wanted a bright future for us all.May their soul rest in perfect peace and may their killers know no peace !

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