Expert Advocates Local Intelligence in Tackling Insecurity

As the increasing level of insecurity in the country defies all known antidotes, a call has gone to various tiers of government in the country to harness more of local intelligence as a panacea to wriggling out of this quagmire.

Chairman, Managing Director of Badinson Security Services, who also heads the Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC), Victoria Island branch, Lagos, Mr. Matthew Ibadin, made this known at the graduation of students of the Institute of Security Nigeria, University of Lagos, where he was inducted as a fellow of the Institute.

Ibadin said criminals are not spirits, as they live among the people. “Each time I flip through those screaming headlines in our dailies on how criminals outwit our security operatives, it worries me. The reason is simple: these are people who have no known technical training in their criminality; they are crude and casual; so how come they always outwit our trained security personnel and operate undetected?

“As an individual who had painstakingly gone through all fabrics of security trainings, I am of the opinion that we can comfortably outfox these criminals and beat them to their games. And this is simply by making ample application of local intelligence. Criminals are human beings and they live with us in our communities. If your friends who have no visible means of livelihood suddenly begin to live an ostentatious life, as a law-abiding citizen, what you do is begin to monitor them and report to relevant security agency. That is local intelligence at play.

“As chairman of PCRC Victoria Island branch, what I always preach is the community policing model, which boils down to local intelligence. I am happy the present leadership of the police is extensively keying into community policing model as a veritable means of tackling insecurity.”

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