I Didn’t Authorise Any Congratulatory Message in the Media- Asamah Kadiri SAN

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria whose photograph appeared in congratulatory message last week in a national daily has denied that he neither approved, nor authorized any such message to be published on him in any newspaper.
He said in a release ‘It has come to my attention that a couple of relatives and friends and well-wishers have put out congratulatory messages in the media, including, newspapers, in celebration of the conferment of the rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria on me.
‘As understanding as the euphoria of the excitement and joy of the numerous well-wishers is, it is very likely that they do not know about the policy prohibiting the publication of congratulatory advertorials in the newspapers and other social media platforms. In as much as I appreciate the overwhelming outpouring of love by the numerous well-wishers, I state that nobody whatsoever ever sought my prior consent or authorization to publish or post any such congratulatory messages in any newspaper and/or social media, and I did not grant any prior consent and/or authorization to any person or group of persons whatsoever to publish or post any such congratulatory messages in any newspaper and/or social media or any other medium whatsoever, for me or on my behalf or in my honour.
‘As a legal practitioner and a newly admitted member of the Inner Bar, I uphold the highest standards and ethics of the legal profession and I will continue to commit myself to ensuring that the ethics of the Bar and the dignity of the Inner Bar are not compromised in any manner whatsoever.’
The strict rule for all newly sworn in Senior Advocate of Nigeria prohibits congratulatory adverts in the media, electronic, online or print.

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