Taiwanese math teacher uses Pornhub to reach more students

An enterprising Taiwanese teacher has found a novel way to make math sexy — using Pornhub to strip down hardcore calculus and reach more students.

Chang Hsu, 34, better known as “changhsumath666,” has attracted 1.9 million views and nearly 7,000 subscribers to his account, dubbed “Play Hard, Study Hard,” Focus Taiwan reported.

“I knew this day would come,” Chang told CAN, according to the news outlet. “People get intrigued if you do special things in special places.”

And he doesn’t even need to take it off. Chang appears fully dressed in all of his 230 videos as he imparts his number-crunching wisdom in Mandarin.

He admitted that most of his viewers likely weren’t in the market for math, but said his unique strategy has helped him attract many new students, according to the news outlet.

He has reportedly made almost $270,000 a year through his paid classes across multiple platforms.

“The online-teaching market is highly competitive, and I can now attract 1,000 students each year, compared with an average of a few hundred for a calculus tutor,” said Chang, who holds a master’s in math and began the Pornhub project last year.

He said his attempt to teach on YouTube fizzled because it was difficult to stand out from his competitors.

“I asked myself where to find my target students, say college boys, and the answer popped out: adult video platforms,” Chang said, according to Focus Taiwan.

He added that other adult websites, including XVideos and NXNN, weren’t interested in his fully clothed content.

“This is a top business secret, and what I can only tell you is it will no longer be just me in the videos,” he said, offering a seductive hint about his evolving strategy
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