We won’t beg you to withdraw case, Soludo’s lawyer, APGA reply Uba

The All Progressives Grand Alliance in Anambra State has said that the party is prepared to go to court to prove its victory in the governorship election was the will of the people.

The All Progressives Congress governorship candidate in the state, Andy Uba, had, through the Deputy Director of his campaign team, Mr Ikechukwu Onyia, said the party would pursue the governorship elections at the tribunal because it had enough evidence the elections were manipulated.

Speaking with one of our correspondents in Awka on Saturday, the Head, Media Affairs, Soludo Campaign Organisation, Mr Joe Anatune, said the party’s victory would be upheld by the court because the election was the peaceful, free, and fair.

Anatune noted that both Soludo and APGA would be waiting for the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Senator Andy Uba, in court “with evidence to defend Soludo’s victory.”

Anatune said, “We are prepared to go to court because we know the people have spoken through their votes and there is nothing the other candidates can prove to counter the will of the people.”

Anatune revealed that all the stakeholders in Anambra have urged Uba to accept defeat and congratulate Soludo, but “he has made up his mind to go to court and there is nothing anybody can do.”

He said the party had no plan to reach out to Uba to withdraw his petition except the fact that they are calling on all Anambra people, including Uba to join hands in moving Anambra forward.

He said, “All those who contested have congratulated Soludo, but Uba still wants to go to court, whatever the situation, APGA and Soludo are also prepared to go to court because the truth must be told that the election was the most peaceful, freest and fairest in recent history, but in democracy, you can’t stop somebody from going to court.

What happened was that the Uba camp was caught with pants down by the BVAS system that INEC introduced for that election. The system, to a large extent, curbed over voting and the result any candidate got was the demonstration of the love the people have for him.

“If there is anybody who can rig that election, it was Uba. We are surprised that he is saying that the election was rigged in favour of somebody. INEC did a good job, and everybody has been praising them including the APC.

“What is happening in Anambra is that the people are excited to work with Soludo because of the vision he has for them and they are saying, ‘Anambra is not Imo;’ so that what happened in Imo should not happen in Anambra because the people have spoken.”

One of the lawyers for Soludo, Sylvester Ezeokenwa, stated that the Soludo team had reached out to Uba, saying there was no hope of him withdrawing his petition.

Ezeokenwa said, “Uba’s hope is solely hinged on the belief that that the judges can be compromised. I have seen the petition and as far as I am concerned, he has no case.”

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