UAE backs down, concedes seven flight slots to Air Peace,flights to Dubai

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has yesterday conceded seven slots to Air Peace in a peace step to the diplomatic row with Nigeria.

It has also granted the Air peace the permit to fly directly to Dubai instead of Sharjah Airport, a source said.

The UAE government denies the prevention of Nigerians by the UAE from entering any part of the Emirates through other carriers as widely reported.

A source said: “As at 7pm, the General Civil Aviation Authority of the UAE has written to Air Peace to come and take its slots. Unlike before, the UAE conceded seven slots to the Nigerian carrier.

“In the letter, the UAE said Air Peace can fly directly to Dubai and not Sharjah Airport. This is the latest on the development.

“Even though they did not follow the right diplomatic channel by writing the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs which will in turn inform the Aviation Minister, this is still a positive development.”

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