Former Chairman,NBA Benin, Prince Collins Benson Ogiegbaen wishes NBA NEC safe journey home after their fruitful deliberation

I Wish the President and Members of The National EXECUTIVE Committee Of Our Great Association a safe journey home after a most Fruitful and Rewarding Deliberation ,the outcome of which, at these Precarious and uncertain Times ,should send a loud message to the Powers that be, that the entity called Nigeria Presently hangs Precariously on the edge of a Precipice,

That the Commanding height of the Nations Economy has come to a state of Near Collapse ,that our fledging Democracy Stands endangered by the actions and inactions of State and Non state actors

That,for the Rule of Law to endure,Governments however Powerful,must render itself amenable to the due Process of Law

That the Present state of strife,anarchy ,fear and brigandage pervading the land has taken our dear Nation back to the Pre social state of Man,where life was short,nasty and bruttish,a period of internecine strife where Man was a law unto himself

That even in the face of booming Guns and Blaring Sirens,the role of the legal Proffession ie the BAR and the BENCH Remains that of the bastion of Justice ,the Path of Democracy,the last hope of the common Man and the Protector of the Rights of all and Sundry including the Government itself and the Citizenry

Afterall,this Bar has always been in the Vanguard of the Peoples movement and the Common folks look up to it for Protection and Leadership ,especially in Critical times of Great hardship ,of Long Knives and the Tempest which threatens to consume us all

The Bar must Muster the Courage and the Spunk to Speak and Lead now or Forever be Silent.


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