Breaking News: Kunle Edun is The Grundnorm Law personality of the year 2021

Kunle Edun is presently the Welfare Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association ( NBA). He is The Grundnorm Law personality of the year 2021.

One of the most popular posts that emanated from the legal profession in Nigeria was the Judgement against Vehicle Inspection Office (V.I.O) on the illegality of operating on the road. That Judgement is the most impactful public interest ruling in recent years and it was pursued in court by Olakunle Edun.

Mr Edun’s activities have impacted enormously to both the legal community and the general public.
In FHC/ WR/ CS/90/17 he successfully obtained a Judgement against the Federal Road Safety commission in the case of Darlington Ehirim v FRSC declaring that FRSC has no right of operations on state roads. That too was remarkable

When the Cross River State legislature refused to approve the nomination of Justice Akon Ikpeme as substantive Chief Judge, Olakunle Edun was in the for forefront of a suit in pursuit of Justice.
He was the Vice Chair of the Nigerian Bar Association Warri branch and at some point headed the Human Rights Committee of the branch.
The Grundnorm nominated Kunle Edun because of his audacity in pursuit of Justice. His activities restore hope in a Justice system that is fast losing credibility and trust.
Of course, Mr Edu hasn’t been successful in all his endeavours but his courage in taking bold steps is remarkable.
He unsuccessfully challenged the huge benefits given to former Governors and Deputy Governors of Delta State. The High Court and Court of Appeal did not rule in his favour on grounds of locus standi.
He has also successfully pursued actions under the FOI Act.
At the time when The NBA President,Paul Usoro was wrongfully and maliciously charged by the EFCC for money laundering for receiving his professional fees from a State Governor ,Kunle Edun spoke out boldly in defence of the truth even when many prominent lawyers were being emotional with their submissions. It was an unusually bold position to take in a profession where many lawyers are timid to take a stand in the internal ills of the professsion for fear of being deprived a future ambition.The case was later dismissed against the Economic and Financial crimes commission ( EFCC)
The Grundnorm considers him an influenctial figure bringing exceptional value in defence of the constitution which is the grundnorm and supreme law of the land thus his nomination as The Grundnorm law personality of the year 2021.
The Editorial team of The Grundnorm heartily congratulates him and prays for his future endeavours.
According to the editor of The Grundnorm,Jennifer Williams, the purpose of the honour is to encourage lawyers who are legitimately bringing value to the profession and the public without any known ulterior motive or anticipated benefit.
Ms Williams,said that the honour is made known to the honouree at the same time the public is notified.
She extended her gratitude to senior Lawyers who were consulted on this award who unanimously endorsed it in favour of Kunle Edun.

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