2023: Tinubu should step down for youthful candidate, pro-Yahaya Bello group reacts

A youth group under the auspices of GYB2PYB, has called on the national leader of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, to shelve his “lifelong ambition” of becoming the president of Nigeria come 2023.

Earlier, Tinubu informed Buhari that he would want to contest in next year’s election. The former governor lamented that he was tired of being a kingmaker and it was time to actualise his dream.
Reacting, GYB2PYB in a statement forwarded to Vanguard Tuesday, by its Director-General, Oladele Nihi, appealed to the APC chieftain to halt his presidential ambition for “a youthful candidate that will be able to carry the burdens of the most populous black nation on earth”.

Posing some fundamental questions for the APC leader, the group asked; “Why decide to achieve a supposed lifelong ambition at a time Nigerian youths are collectively clamouring for thorough inclusiveness and active participation in governance across board?

“Why put your (Tinubu’s) interest above that of the Nigerian youths who obviously constitute the majority of both Nigeria population and electorates; a united generation of like-minds who will stop at nothing to achieve a set objective?

“Why has Baba (Tinubu) kept this lifelong ambition to himself all these while his age group and generation have done nothing but little to get the country working?”

“We are therefore on behalf of Nigerian youth appealing to our National Leader to halt his intentions of informing Nigerians about this “lifelong ambition”, for we are not ready to cooperate; as our yearnings and cry for power would not be cowed by any sudden lifelong ambitions and mostly not by the older citizens of this country,” the group said.

On Yahaya Bello’s presidential aspiration, the group said it has “structures across the 36 states of the country, doing tedious grassroots sensitisation on why the youths should be given a chance come 2023” adding that “they have recorded substantial and bankable results”.
“The candidacy of governor Yahaya Adoza Bello will stand. We are therefore, still calling on our principal, Nigerian youth’s role model, and our most qualified by antecedents, to roar as loud as possible; as the jungle is set for the taking.”

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