How to pay practicing fee.

How to pay your Bar practicing fees:

Bar Practicing Fees Payment Guide

  1. Logging to:
  2. Click on individual payment link.
  3. Type your Supreme Court enrollment number.
  4. Click on validate
  5. Type in your phone number, email, Branch and then you click on payment.
  6. Open your email and input the number sent to your mail to validate your email.
  7. Click proceed to payment.
  8. Type your ATM card details.
  9. Enter your four digits password of your ATM.
  10. Then type your otp send to your phone or use your token options to complete payment

Please note that you must have a valid email.

The schedule of payment of Bar Practicing Fees is as follows:
SAN & Benchers
15 Years & above
10 – 14 Years
5 – 9 Years
1 – 4 Years

Stamp Account:
Bank: Access Bank
Account No. 0694192920
Name: NBA Stamp & Seal

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