Constitution Review: How lawmakers voted

Establishment of the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation and the Office of the Accountant General of the Federal Government
Separation of the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation and of the State from the office of the Minister and Commissioner for Justice.

Financial Autonomy for Local Government
Local Government Administrative Autonomy
Financial Autonomy of State Legislatures and State Judiciary
Enforcement of Legislative Summons
Inauguration of Senators and Members-Elect
Institutionalization of Legislative Bureaucracy in the Constitution
Uniform retirement age and pension rights for Judicial Officers
Hearing in the Process of recommending the removal of Judicial Officers
Devolution of powers (airports, railways, Correctional Service
Finger prints, Identification and Criminal Record
National Grid System
Removal of Transitional Law-making powers of the Executive
Time frame for the submission of Ministerial or Commissioner nominees
Timeline for the presentation of Appropriation Bills
Membership of the National Security Council to include Presiding Officers of the National Assembly
Power to summon President and Governors
Establishment of State Security Council
Time frame for the conduct of population census
State of the Nation and State of the State Address
Composition of the members of the Council of State
Independent Candidacy.

Gender Bills
Diaspora Voting
Expansion of the scope of Executive Immunity
Affirmative Action
Procedure of overriding Presidential Veto in Constitution Alteration
Removal of Presiding Officers
Inclusion of Value Added Tax on the Exclusive Legislative List
Defining Acts that constitute torture, inhuman or degrading treatment


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