Tinubu: APC should maintain fidelity to progressive ideals

All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential aspirant Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has hailed President Muhammadu Buhari’s optimism about the capacity and future of the ruling party.

He saluted the President’s understanding and concern for the perfection of the party’s internal processes to keep faith with progressive tendencies.

The eminent politician said in a statement in Lagos that there is much work to do in the party, urging members to unite in upholding progressive and democratic practices.

Tinubu said APC should be different from other parties by being a shining example.

He reminded faithful that the party’s objective of evolving a better society through reforms has not been fully realised.

Tinubu emphasised that “the work can only be done by a party which is democratic and fair in governing itself as well as in governing the nation.”

In his view: “While people pursue their political goals, they must also and always keep the greater collective purpose in mind.”

The statement reads: “Recently, President Buhari made a characteristically concise and important statement regarding the strength and purpose of our political party, All Progressives Congress.

“He underscored the need for the party to perfect its internal processes so that it keeps faith to the progressive purpose for which it was founded: to bring forth a better society through just and compassionate good governance.

“While the election season is upon us and politics begins to acquire a heavy intensity, we must never lose sight of this higher purpose, this greater good. Like the president said, we all must recall how progressive forces forged an alliance that produced the APC.

“Our party came into being to answer the call of reform so that progressive governance for the good of all Nigerians could be established in the land. President Buhari won the 2015 election and was re-elected.

“But the essential task of fundamental reform and improvement of society has not been completed.

“We still have vital work to do. But the work can only be done by a party which is democratic and fair in governing itself as well as in governing the nation. This means that while people pursue their political goals they must also and always kept the greater collective purpose in mind.

“Let us be guided by the progressive and enlightened reason for the party. If we do so, the party shall not go astray or be riven by personal agendas and competition that becomes so heated that it turns into animus.

“Let us be more united in democratic purpose and practice. In this way we shall surmount the challenges, and complications inherent in any electoral cycle. The party can then gird itself for its finer purpose, giving the people the chance at better lives in a better society.

“Again, we all should thank the president for the Sunday remarks which he made. We should take full notice of the enduring import of what he said, his eyes on his legacy, on leaving behind a worthy legacy. Let us keep the APC on its rightful path and reject any ruse or artifice that would cause the party to betray its great calling.

“Many progressive leaders had invested time, energy, ideas and resources in forming the APC with a view to providing a better Nigeria. The president is a founder of this party. I too have lent my humble bit. As founding fathers of this party, we must continue to guard its purpose.

“Let not the APC descend into the ways and rank of the other parties. Instead, may we strive to be an exemplar for a caring and democratic society. Only in this manner can we ensure the legacy of the party while leading our nation to its greater improvement.

“We must also commend our president for assenting to the 2022 amendments to the Electoral Act. The new law will hopefully aid in the national pursuit of the fairest elections possible. As such, the act may prove to be a historic milestone on our nation’s democratic journey.”


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