NURTW leaders back MC Oluomo

Some leaders of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) at the national body and elders of the union in Lagos State have declared their support for embattled Lagos Chairman Alhaji Musiliu Akinsanya (aka MC Oluomo).

According to them, the union’s National President, Alhaji Tajudeen Baruwa, was being overbearing. They also accused the national secretariat of meddling into affairs of the state council.

Vice President of the union Alhaji Tajudeen Agbede said the constitution allows the state council to run affairs of the tricycle and motorcycle operators.

He said: “The state chairman has the right to divide the tricycle operations for effective coordination. I did something similar during my tenure to the Motorcycle Operators Association of Lagos State (MOALS). I divided it into zones without any interference from the national headquarters. It is within the powers of the state chairman to create, divide and expand to enhance administrative convenience.”

Agbede also accused Baruwa of neglecting the structures of the union in going about his official duties.

“Another mistake made by the national headquarters is the neglect of the structures. I am the National Vice President in charge of Southwest, but the headquarters doesn’t involve me in any issue going in my zone. It is not appropriate. Let us learn to do things appropriately,” he added.

Special Adviser to National President Alhaji Alamu Otegbeye said union leaders won’t allow Baruwa to destabilise the state council. He promised to join other leaders to expel anyone hobnobbing with Baruwa to destroy the Lagos state council.

Former National Head of Women Affairs Comrade Bola Lemboye said: “We won’t allow what happened in Ogun State repeat itself in Lagos. We are peaceful people.”

Pioneer Chairman of NURTW in Lagos State, Comrade Samuel Jonah, urged Baruwa to be guided by the union’s constitution in his action. Jonah described as unfortunate the action of the national body.

According to him, the administration of Akinsanya has been peaceful since coming on board.

Former NURTW Lagos State Council Chairman Alhaji Alao Adewuyi accused Baruwa of not respecting elders in the union.

Adewuyi warned those fraternising with him to destabilise Lagos to desist or face the music.

“We cannot allow a peaceful atmosphere we’re enjoying now be truncated because of selfish agenda of some people. We support actions taken by Akinsanya and members of the union in the state,” he said.

Senior Special Adviser to National Present Stephen Falusi said he was surprised by Baruwa’s action.

“We’re not fighting the national body; we only want those in Abuja to abide by the union’s constitution and stop creating crisis. We, the elders, are with Akinsanya on this matter. This association is too big to be rubbished by anyone. We have graduates and educated people among us, so we can’t run it like a lawless organisation. We are disappointed in the actions of the national body,” Falusi said.


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