Oromoni: The Deceased Told Me He Had Muscle Pull When He Fell From Bed –Dowen Nurse

LAGOS – A nurse and house parent of Dowen College, Lagos, Omobola Kayode, told the Coroner inquest court, that she massaged the deceased right thigh twice when he complained of pain. Nurse Omobola debunked the claim that the deceased got injured while playing football.

The foreign trained nurse with B.Sc. Nursing in Ukraine narrated this before Coroner Magistrate Mikhail Kadiri, to unravel the cause of the death of a 12-year-old student of Dowen College, Sylvester Oromoni Junior, that she joined the school on November 7, 2021.

The witness told the court that the deceased told her he had pain, muscle pull when he wanted to pick his bible that fell from the bed.

The house parent told court that she massaged the deceased right thigh on the instruction of the school doctor. “After massaging the deceased right thigh with deep heat, I administered paracetamol. So he slept in the sick bay before he went back to his room. He had attended class in the morning.” “I did a follow up on him at the hostel. I stayed in the female hostel.

I went to the hostel to tell the house master. It was the second time I rubbed his thigh with deep heat. I did not observe any scalp lips.

After that day, I met him at the sickbay with the doctor. “I did not have any interaction with the deceased again until I have to dress him up for his parent to pick him up.”

She was asked by the coroner at what point in time did the doctor call the parent. She responded that it was the first complain that the doctor called the parent, adding that it is the school policy that if there is emergency, we call the parent before referring or taking the student to Lifeline Hospital (School registered hospital).

She further said that standard emergency is when there is asthma attack or bleeding. “It was on Tuesday when the deceased left the school. I did not follow him to the car. I only assisted him to stand from the bed.

His uncle put his hand on his neck and he put hand on his uncle waist because uncle is taller than the deceased.” The house parent also told court that the doctor used to be on duty from Monday to Friday.

But she was off duty on Sunday but there was another nurse that works with the school. However, when she was cross-examined by the counsel representing the state government, Mr. Akin George, the witness stated that it was barely three week that she joined Dowen that the incident happened but there was no similar thing like that in time past.

Most time the student complained of headache, stomach pain while playing football.

The witness said there was improvement after the massage. He went back to hostel unassisted the first time he applied the deep heat, so she continued with it in the evening.

“The second day, on Tuesday, I met the deceased in the sick bay lying down. I don’t know if his health was deteriorated when I met him sleeping. I have never treated a case of bullying since my short stay in the school,” she said.

When the witness was further cross-examined by the counsel representing the Oromoni family, Mr. George Efole.

Nurse Kayode said they have medical record and it was taken by the police during their investigation and there was no duplicate.

The witness further told the court that “Sunday, November 21 was my off day, I came in at night. I did not massage the boy on Sunday. I don’t know whether principal said contrary.

We are two nurses. myself and Kafaya. So I am supposed to be at work on Sunday but I was off duty. So no nurse was in school on Sunday.

“When cases like this come up, I report to the doctor because she is my direct boss. The doctor then report to the management. I don’t know the exact person the doctor reported to. The principal gave the permission that the deceased be taken home.”

When she was asked if she will be surprised to hear that the principal claimed that it was Ayomo Hamed, that brought the issue to the his (principal) attention, she replied that she did not know. She was asked if the deceased case was critical or minor that he was not refered to school hospital, she said, “The exit form is from the principal office; I do not know who authorized (it). The deceased case was minor, not critical.” Efole further asked that if the case was a minor case, why they called the parent to come and pick the deceased. The witness therefore said, “We don’t treat what we don’t know. We did not run test (laboratory test) for the deceased.” As a nurse, did you make any recommendation for further medical treatment? “There was no recommendation for him to be taken to Lifetime Hospital. Because the doctor called the parent on Monday at the midday, it was in my record.

“I am aware that the parent lives in Warri in Delta State. I don’t know the hours it would take the parent to come and take the boy. I did not know if there is any injury at the ankle. Both of us (nurses) we are not answerable to each other but we report to the doctor.

The coroner magistrate subsequently adjourned further hearing to March 21, 2022.


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