President of AWLA Amanda Asagba celebrates international woman’s day for peace and disarmament

AWLA celebrates International Women’s Day for Peace and Disarmament today – May 24, 2022 as we acknowledge and  celebrate the historic and current efforts of women for peace building and disarmament.

We salute you all and urge more women to get involved in peace building and disarmament from your little corner. There is a woman in every home, do not be a party to any form of injustice. Resist it from its very foundation. Nip it in the bud.

Take action today if you see something, say something, do something. Evil thrives when good people see something wrong and fail to take action.

The recent war in Ukraine, the needless barbaric killings in Nigeria and other uprisings in different parts of the world are scary. Life doesn’t seem sacrosanct anymore neither is the Rule of Law  ruling.

  We seize this opportunity to call on all aggrieved persons to sheath their swords and embrace dialogue and peaceful resolution through mediation. Where mediation fails, the courts are there. This is the time governments all over the world should give priority to justice and security and ensure justice is served without fear or favour.

The failure of the justice system is the result we are all seeing today: injustice swept under the carpet will always rear its ugly head- ANARCHY.

We can achieve more through peaceful resolutions than war and violent killings. A life once lost can never be brought back. Yes, the infrastructural destruction can be rebuilt, however it’s a waste of scarce resources. Liberia till date is yet to recover fully.

The oppressors should learn from history that those who oppressed in the past are today full of regrets and miserable. Nemesis will always catch-up with them. Peace is the key to life, progress and prosperity while war is the key to death, destruction and stagnancy.

It’s a choice we all have to make. We at AWLA are working for a just and peaceful world, one that meets human needs, not military ones

We at AWLA Choose Peace – #IChoosePeace. How about you?

Mandy Asagba 

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