Notification Of My Clearance To Contest For The Office Of 3rd Vice President NBA

Highly esteemed and distinguished Seniors and Colleagues, I am elated to inform you that I’ve  been deemed  qualified and cleared to contest for the Office of the 3rd Vice President having duly met the requirements as stipulated in the NBA Constitution and ECNBA Guidelines in a letter from the ECNBA dated May 20, 2022 which reads:

“We refer to your Nomination Form for the position of 3rd Vice President…………
The ECNBA is pleased to inform you that you are qualified to stand for election into the office of “3rd Vice President” in the Election holding on Saturday, July 16, 2022.”

I must first express my deep appreciation to you all for your support and encouragement thus far. I do not take it for granted at all. I am indeed humbled with your show of love.

I respectfully seek your continued unflinching support for my candidacy as we enter the race fully to intensify your efforts for more work and greater commitment to this course as we pledge to leave no one behind. 
Together We Can. So please pass on the message home and abroad, branches and all legal platforms and to friends and colleagues. 

I’m counting on you!

God bless you!!!
God bless the NBA!!!
God bless and keep Nigeria safe and prosperous!!!

I remain grateful and thankful.

Yours truly,

Former NBA NEC Rep 

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