Amanda Demechi-Asagba President of AWLA and Candidate for office of NBA 3rd Vice President expresses gratitude to the Eastern Bar Forum for opportunity afforded

Amanda Demechi-Asagba President of AWLA has expressed an unreserved gratitude to the Governing Council, as well as all officers and members of the EBF for the warm reception accorded her during their Quarterly Meeting

Inam grateful for the privilege to speak at the forum’s meeting, as well as the warm welcome by members. I am truly pleased

I was indeed impressed with what I saw and heard especially encouraging members to take the lead : Be the voice of the people of Nigeria, speak out and take deliberate action to checkmate impunity and injustice. It is nolonger safe to see evil and do nothing, as the evil is escalating and taking a very dangerous dimension, most likely to consume all. When it rains it falls on all not just one.

“Therefore, as you journey back to your respective abodes, it is my prayer that the almighty grants you all a safe trip_

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