NBA Ikeja Branch Endorses Adesina Adegbite As Sole Candidate For General Secretary.


It was all cheers and glitz as the NBA Ikeja Branch the local Branch of Adesina Adegbite popularly known as AA unanimously adopted him as the Branch’s sole candidate for General Secretary.

At the Monthly Meeting of the NBA Ikeja Branch held on Monday 6th January, 2002. the Branch Chairman, Bartholomew Aguegbodo Esq, who presided over the meeting emphasized the need for the Branch members to give maximum support to its candidate and Past Secretary of the Branch, Adesina Adegbite who is a candidate for the office of General Secretary in the forthcoming NBA Elections .

He advised that no vote of the Branch should be wasted. While still basking in the euphoria of conviviality and camaraderie that pervaded the air, a senior member of the Branch Chief Afam Ofomata (A.K.A Multiple Chief) moved the motion for the adoption of Adesina Adegbite as the soul candidate of the Branch and same was seconded by another senior member of the Branch Chief Samson Omodara. The meeting also endorsed Mandy Asagba and Charles Ajiboye for 3rd Vice President and Assistant Publicity Secretary respectively.

AA was full of praises to his members and assured them that just as he had served them in several capacities in the past and served creditably, he will serve them even more creditably this time around, if given the opportunity to serve again.


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