Fashola to Nigerians: be strategic with your votes

Minister of Works and Housing Babatunde Fashola has admonished Nigerians that being in the right frame of mind will help them make the right decision when voting in the 2023 elections.

According to Fashola, ‘if voting is to decide our choices in life, why decide in anger’?

He spoke during the annual BRF Gabfest 2022 convened by The Temple Company and BDirect Team to celebrate his 59th birthday. The theme was ‘What am I voting for?’.

The former Lagos State governor noted that the 2022 Gabfest was modeled around ‘our electoral choices and, by extension, our lives in the next few years’. He urged participants to interrogate their knowledge and understanding of democracy because ‘it is democracy or the idea of it that allows us to talk about voting, or having a say, or making a choice on how our lives are ordered’.

He said: “A good starting point is to remind ourselves that democracy is a man-made idea that is not timeless. It is not a divine concept and so limited in what it can achieve. And because democracy can become obsolete like other things that man has created, it should be redefined and refined regularly; we should regularly renew and re-invent it.”

The minister also flawed the concept of people voting in anger because they want a particular government out of power. According to him, it is better to make decisions while in a right frame of mind since it will determine the outcome of life of generations to come.

He added: “If voting is about choices of life, why decide things in anger? Rational and sensible people don’t make choices by or in anger. Anger is not a strategy. At best, it is an emotion. Will you build a house in anger? Take a loan in anger? Marry in anger? Start a family in anger? Or set up a business in anger? I presume not. So please don’t listen to those closet party supporters or pseudo nationalists, they are more ignorant than you.”

Panelists at the event also urged Nigerians, especially the youths, to interrogate the motive of every candidate contesting in the 2023 general elections to be sure of how their interests can be protected.


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