Adesina Adegbite is an Embodiment of Exceptional Service – R. O Alesinloye endorses Adesina Adegbite for the position of General Secretary, NBA

Having worked with him at a very close level, I can say without any equivocation or fear of contradictions that Adesina Adegbite is a very hardworking, meticulous, industrious,reliable, honest and highly disciplined professional.

How do I know this? AA (as we all fondly call him) served with me as the Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Ikeja Law Week Committee, while I was the its Chairman. Adegbite played true to type as he was practically the life of the Committee, delivering effortlessly on the daunting tasks and yet hitting delicate deadlines.

It was his exceptional service qualities that prompted me to voluntarily relinquish my Chairmanship position after my first term and I recommended AA as the Chairman of the Committee in 2008. AA’s nomination was eventually approved and as the Committee chair for that year, he again proved his mettle, delivering a resoundingly successful Law Week.

We are almost all witnesses to Adegbite’s replication of these outstanding performances as the National Welfare Secretary of our Association when he was offered the opportunity to serve at the national level.

Therefore, as a first line witness of his compelling abilities and extraordinary competences, I have no hesitation in commending Adesina Adegbite to our dear colleagues as the most suitably qualified candidate to occupy the very exalted office of the National Secretary our dear Association.

I have strong belief in his abilities to deliver creditably well, if given the opportunity. As a pragmatic individual, I am most certain that he will bring new ideas to governance, particularly the management of the National Secretariat which is the engine room of the Bar.

Please support and vote AA as the National General Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association, 2022-2024.

R. O Alesinloye Esq
Past Chairman, Law Week Committee and Chairman 2022 Electoral Committee, NBA Ikeja Branch

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