My Heartful Gratitude: Adesina Adegbite, General Secretary Elect Eulogises and Appreciates Supporters and Voters

Distinguished silks, learned seniors and colleagues,

Within the past months, I had filled your telephones, emails and social media spaces with requests, urging you to support my aspiration, pray and ultimately vote for me as the General Secretary of our great Association, the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA). I knocked on your doors (sometimes at odd hours), in my bid to solicit your votes.

The election was finally conducted on Saturday, 16th July 2022 and, with your enormous unimaginable support, I was elected as the General Secretary of our great Association for the next two years (Aug 2022 – Aug 2024). To say that I am overwhelmed by your support is an understatement.

May I therefore express my profound gratitude to you all my wonderful seniors, colleagues, friends and most trusted allies. You all consented to support me on this very tasking project and many of you turned out to be more of partners than supporters.
Through this electioneering process, we have built many relationships, which will transcend generations.

To my co-contestants, I salute your spirit of camaraderie and doggedness throughout the electioneering process. I extend my hand of fellowship to you all and urge you to support the incoming administration as we aim towards building the Bar of our dreams.

To my campaign team, your immense support and selfless sacrifices were most heart-warming and encouraging. I am super proud of you all. I appreciate you for standing by me, even when I sometimes sound too pushy and or demanding.

I stated from the very beginning of the journey, that, ours is a God ordained project. This has now been made manifest by the huge margin of victory we recorded in the election. It is the Lord’s doing. All Praises be to the Almighty.

Once again, from the depth of my heart, I say thank you as we set to hit the ground running from the date of our inauguration.

Congratulations to us all, God bless you. 🙏

Adesina Adegbite, FICMC (AA)
NBA General Secretary Elect.

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