NBA GS Elections: “Okey Ohagba’s Reverberating Antecedents of Service Excellence And A Concisely Feasible Manifesto Has Earned Him My Vote For NBA General Secretary”- Taiwo Ojo NBA Lagos Branch

I have carefully studied the various profiles and manifestos of all the contestants for the office of NBA General Secretary 2020. While doing that, I equally had in contemplation their antecedents in office prior to this time. The concept of true leadership has never been about power grabbing nor to attain prominence, but its fundamentals are rooted in true service and responsibilities. Okey Ohagba’s track record of impactful leadership and service excellence is second to none. He sees the role of leadership as a call to service as exemplified in the various positions he has held within and without the NBA.

I have one vote which I intend to cast in the forthcoming election (for the office of General Secretary) and I have no hesitation casting same for Okey Leo Ohagba. His reverberating antecedents of excellence, intimidating service profile and a concisely feasible manifesto has earned him my vote for the office of GS. If you are a stickler for professional discipline, prudence and administrative sanity, this is the time for you to exercise your franchise wisely and vote Okey Leo Ohagba as the next Gen Secretary of the NBA. He will reinvigorate our Secretariat and effect the needed positive change with his E-Innovation ideas.


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