The Precious Life Of The Former NDDC Boss Cum The Impaired Lives Of The IKOKU 5 (FIVE)- Kelechi Chinule Esq.


Blacklivesmatters! #blacklivesmatters!!, #Blacklivesmatters!!! Just few months ago this hashtag reverberated through out our social media space by overzealous, hypocritical Nigerians who jettisoned the saying that charity begins at home. Before you come at me, please I implore you to answer these questions:

I. The life of a former NDDC Boss is it more important than the lives of the Ikoku 5 (five) who were treated by the police in Rivers State in the most horrendous manner?
II. What is the fate of that matter till date?
III. Where are the police officers who perpetrated that act?
While listening to the news, I held to governor said he has vowed to protect the lives of the Rivers State Citizens in his defence of saving a special Rivers State citizen’s live that matters to him but permit to ask for a friend, the lives of the Ikoku 4 particularly Chima Ikwunado who even died in a very clear and widely condemned case of deliberate murder by the men of the E-crack team of the Nigerian Police, are they not part of the lives of the Rivers State citizens the governor is to protect? Or is the protection just for a former NDDC boss? Or is the live of a former NDDC boss more important than the lives of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 “ordinary” Rivers State citizens?
The display of activism in saving the more important life of a former NDDC boss by my dear governor of
Rivers State on the 16th day of July, reminds me of the Aluta days in the university by the Student Union Government but I am deeply saddened that my dear governor never demonstrated this same activist energy and aluta spirit when the E-crack team of the Nigerian Police maimed and even killed a Rivers State citizen’s life in the case popularly referred to as the Ikoku 5 (five). In fact, the silence of the Governor in the case of the Ikoku 5 was so loud and contagious that even the public out cry for the arrest and prosecution of the carnivorous E-crack team of the Nigerian Police officers could not break that silence. Looking back now, and comparing the “saviour-like” manner of my governor in rescuing a former NDDC boss from being arrested, I am tempted to conclude that , more life matters to the governor than others.
I had wished my dear governor had also displayed the same Aluta spirit in even condemning the act, I am sure the Police officers involved in the Ikoku 5 would have been cooling off now in the new correctional service facility of the Nigerian government where their carnivorous appetite would have been cured by now, yes cured, cured so much that other would-be carnivorous Police officers will have to think of the governor protecting his Rivers citizens and then be professional in carrying out their duties.
Finally, as I end this write up, the following question tackles my mind like a guilt;
a. What on earth is happening to the case of the Ikoku 5, is it forgotten? Is the life of Chima Ikwunado who died in the hands of bloody tasty Police officers not part of the Rivers life the governor says he will protect?
b. Is the life of a former NDDC boss more precious and dear to the governor than the lives of 5 Rivers citizens?
c. Cant my dear governor also extend this his activism to the Ikoku 5 and ensure that the perpetrators of this inhuman and horrendous treatment on the Ikoku 5 are made to pay for their sins?
It is only when my governor extends this his “saviour-like” activism to all Rivers State citizens starting with the Ikoku 5 that I will agree with my dear governor in toto that he is protecting the lives of Rivers citizens but till then, I like to safely submit that my dear governor is only protecting the lives of a Rivers politician who can be an ally to him and it does appears to me that , that is what matters to my dear governor, politics and politics, yes politics is what matters to my dear governor and not the lives of all Rivers citizens.
May God save and protect by himself, the lives of all Rivers Citizens in Rivers State.
Kelechi Chinule Esq.
Writes from Port Harcourt.

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