Agi Anne Uruegi Thanks Members of The Bar For Their Patience

Greetings dear colleagues. A few months ago, I took the decision to run for the office of NBA National ASSISTANT SECRETARY. Since that time, neither you nor I have rested! ?

It was I who decided to run but you who suffered. The calls, the pings, the countless images, unending felicitations, photo splashes, crazy stickers, the information overload….I wonder how you survived it all. It almost drove me crazy at times, but then I was on a mission and I had steadied myself to put up with the territory, so I bore it all. However, you all, senior members of the Bar, my colleagues, didn’t need to put up with it. Yet you did and for our sakes too, stoically, with grace and great humour at times.?

As we head for the polls, good people of the NBA, my heart is full of gratitude to you all so I have come to say, THANK YOU for putting up with me and my shenanigans. I will never forget it!? You all are the real MVPs.

I belong to the greatest Bar.

Anne Uruegi Agi, LL.M, FCPAN

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