Sports Law Practice is not gender specific- Anthony Atata

A top Nigerian sports lawyer,Anthony Atata on thursday informed young Lawyers of the Nigerian Bar Association,Ikeja that the practice of sports Law is not gender specific.
He said this during his lecture titled ” Opportunities in Sports Law” at the Continuing Legal education (CLE) lecture of young Lawyers forum , Nigerian Bar Association,Ikeja held at the bar center ,Ikeja ,Lagos
Speaking to the female Lawyers present, he adviced them not to hesitate in taking up sports law as an area of practice informing them that the FIFA legal and compliance division is made up of 55% female.
He also informed them ,that even where women are under represented, the policy of inclusion and diversity will work in their favour.

Speaking generally on the opportunities in sports Law, he said that lawyers have opportunities both within and outside sports institutions. He made references to the Judicial bodies of FIFA and the Anti doping procedural rules in cycling where lawyers are required by regulations to participate. He also made reference to opportunities available to lawyers who want to be involved as players agents now known as Intermediaries since 2015.He distinguished between Player agents and Match agents and gave the requirements necessary for drawing up an intermediary contract particularly the 3% rule.

Mr Atata,pointed out that sports Law practice goes beyond contracts and intellectual property. It extends to Arbitration ,media and Broadcast rights.

He gave a brief introduction of the Court of Arbitration for sports and opportunities there for lawyers.
The lecture lasted for more than an hour as participants listened with rapt attention asking questions thereafter.
The Chairman of the Young Lawyers CLE Rosemond Phil-Othihiwa in thanking Mr Atata for the specialist lecture expressed her satisfaction with the quality of knowledge impacted.

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