Viral posts: How Idris Mohammed Doko’s flyer on Practicing Fee Legends caused an exciting engagement among Nigerian Lawyers.

I Know that legends pay their BPF and Branch Dues on the 31st of March. That is how we roll. This year I call on all Legends to pay by 30th of March because we don’t know what the Internet Network will look like on the 31st.

This year is an election year in the Nigerian Bar Association when lawyers across the country will choose the leadership of the bar for the next two years starting from August.

As usual, candidates for different positions are beginning to make their ambitions known through subtle means as there is still a ban on campaign.

One of the many ways Nigerian Lawyers have deployed is the “Felicitation” practice. They commend any activity at all by lawyers all over the country. This helps them to put their names out there.

As the deadline for Bar practicing fee(BPF) drew closer, many of them began to encourage and advice lawyers to beat the deadline by paying for their BPF and Branch dues. This will among other things enable them to vote.

Idris Mohammed Doko a member of Nigerian Bar Association Lagos who is suspected of having the intention to run for the position of the Vice President of the NBA launched a creative way of informing lawyers to beat the deadline for paying their fees which has gone viral among the legal community in Nigeria with many lawyers owning up to being Legends. lol

Many lawyers have the habit of paying their BPF towards the deadline and even on the 31st which is the statutory deadline for the payment of such fees.

Idris Mohammed Doko

Since he released the post , lawyers have engaged on it with many naming it the most creative and funniest communication so far.

Below are some of the reactions from social media.

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